Murud Janjira

Location : Raigad | Category : Forts | Distance from Pune : 161 KMs
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Best Season: Throughout The Year
The twin islands of Murud-Janjira are a thriving holiday spot located 172km from Pune in the Raigad district.  Murud, a small fishing village is a picturesque place lined with coconut trees and a glittering beach.  From time immemorial, these islands are famous for their ancient forts, temples and beaches. 
Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the serenity makes it an attractive tourist spot.
Must-visit places-
1. Janjira Fort- 
The strongest marine fort in India, the Janjira Fort belonging to the 16th century is surrounded by the immense Arabian Sea on all sides. It was originally built as a wooden structure by fishermen, it soon regained the reputation as the most impenetrable fortress as it withstood dangerous attacks of the Marathas and English. It stands today in full glory and is a must visit!
2. Gol Gumbaz
The tomb of Late Mohammed Adil Shah, the Sultan of Bijapur was constructed in the 17th century. His tomb, the Gol Gumbaz, is known for its Islamic architecture with its seven storied towers of octagonal shape. It is so designed that each sound made inside the dome returns back exactly nine times. Don’t forget to try it out!
3. Garambi falls
This breath taking cascade falls from   a height of 100meters  and offers a spectacular sight! Soak and drench in its pure waters which is believed to be potable as well. The gushing water, chirping birds and lush forests will transport you into serenity.  Located near Murud. 
4. Murud Beach
A true delight for visitors, the Murud beach boasts of white sand and crystal clear bluish water. Bordered by swaying palm trees, one can experience the most stunning sunset through the mountains at the east. A satisfying experience, Murud beach  is a must visit.
5. Dutta Mandir
Located atop the Murud-Janjira hills, the three headed Dutta Mandir fabulously captures the panoramic view of the entire seashore and makes the climb woth while.
6. Ahmedganj Palace
This 45  acre palatial mansion beholds a mosque and tombs of ancient rulers. A fusion of gothic and Mughal designing, do visit to get a glimpse of the local history.
7. Padmadurg Fort
Originally built by the Marathas to conquer the Janjira fort, it is spread on 9 acres of land and is of great historical importance.  Now called as Kasa, it lies in ruins due to poor maintenance and can be seen from the sea shore.
8. Nandgoan
8kms away from Murud, this pristine beach is famous for its magnificent Shri Siddhivinayak Temple. A marvelous scenery fused with religious ambience gives it a spiritual touch. A calming and soothing village, it is emerging to be popular among peace-seeking tourists. 
Best season- September to June
Accommodation-  A number of hotels are available according to your budget. However, prior booking maybe required during peak season. 
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By Amir
11 Feb 2014

Do take a guide who will explain the various incidents and places within the fort. Bad maintenance of fort and not a single board providing information. My family thoroughly enjoyed the beach which is lovely and not crowded. The sand is a little slippery so be careful with your kids. Of course, adding to the beauty was the delicious fish that we ate! Accommodation can be arranged at local residents if u wish not to stay at hotels.

By Rahul
11 Feb 2014

The ferry to the Janjira fort was exciting but It was disheartening to see such a monumental place to be so poorly maintained. Anyway, the beach is beautiful and quite peaceful even though we visited on a weekend. The scenery is outstanding. Photographers will surely go crazy!

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