Sindhudurg (Fort)

Location : Sindhudurg | Category : Konkan | Distance from Pune : 392 KMs
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Best Season: Winter
Sindhudurg is a sea fort located on an islet called Kurte in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Maharashtra in western India. The fortress lies on the shore of Malvan town of Sindhudurg District in Konkan. It is a protected monument. Malvan is 390 km. from Pune.
This fort was constructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji in the year 1656. The sea fort spreads over 48 acres with a 3 km long rampart, and walls that are 30 feet high and 12 feet thick. The massive walls acted as a deterrent to approaching enemies and to the waves and tides of the Arabian Sea. The main entrance of the fort is concealed and one cannot easily spot it. Only regular visitors can spot it.
Sindhudurg fort is a popular summer destination for Indian and foreign tourists to explore the island and go scuba-diving and snorkelling to view the coral reef on the outskirts of the island.
How to reach Sindhudurg
Sindhudurg can be reached either by train or by bus from Mumbai, Goa and Mangalore. The Konkan railway has a railway station at Sindhudurg, but only few trains stop there. Kudal, Kanakvali and Sawantwadi are major railway stations in Sindhudurg district. There are Maharashtra state government (MSRTC) buses running from Mumbai, Pune, Ratnagiri, Sangli and Kolhapur.
The best time to visit Sindhudurg is from October to March when the weathers is cool and pleasant.
Attractions at the fort
There are three sweet water reservoirs in the fort ramparts. Even if the water in the nearby villages dries up in summer, these wells always contain water.
There is a coconut tree which has branches and also gives fruit. (No other coconut tree has a branch.) 
There is a hidden passage  starting from a temple that goes under the island for 3 km, under the sea for 12 km, and from there 12 km to a nearby village. The tunnel was used as an escape route for the women if the enemy entered the fort. However, the passage was closed during the British rule.
A handprint and a footprint of Shivaji Maharaj is embedded in one section of the fort near the entrance. There is also Atmeshwar Mandir, which is a famous Shivling.
The fort also houses a temple of Shivaji Maharaj. It is the only one in the world. The image of Shivaji Maharaj is seen without a beard!
Around Sindhudurg Fort
Kunkeshwar Temple: The Shiva temple, built in 1100, is about 40 km away from Sindhudurg. It is situated on the bank of Arabian Sea and is also known as Konkan Kashi. Shivaji  was a frequent visitor to the temple.
Kunkeshwar Cave: To the east of the Kunkeshwar Temple, lies the Kunkeshwar Cave. It  has statues of male and female warriors which  is a famous attraction.
Tarkarli Beach: It lies 8 km from Sindhudurg. Known for its white sandy beach and water sport activities, Tarkarli is arguably one of the most picturesque beaches in Konkan. The sea at Tarkarli is crystal clear and the seabed can be seen up to a depth of 15 ft or more on a sunny day.
Vijaydurg Fort: The Vijaydurg Fort stands testimony to the naval prowess of the Marathas.
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By Sagar
11 Feb 2014

The design of the fort displays the skills of an able engineer. A visit to the fort was a moment of pride for me and reassures that Maharashtra has a rich cultural and historical heritage, which must be preserved.

By Mahesh
11 Feb 2014

Sindhudurg district is one of the most scenic places in Maharashtra. The Sindhudurg fort is a major attraction among tourists. It is amazing to see how such a great fortress was built in the water. The small ferry ride from the coast to the island builds up excitement about the fort. Vijaydurg fort located nearby is also equally stunning.

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