• Ghoradeshwar4 years ago
    An ancient Shiva Mandir is situated on a hill top which is also lined with several caves carved out of huge rocks.
  • Tarkarli4 years ago
    Tarkarli - Photo Gallery - Trakarli is a small beach settlement in the well known and oft visited Malvan region of Konkan.
  • Travel Photography Exhibition 20154 years ago
    Travel Photography Exhibition 2015
  • Dapoli4 years ago
    While staying in Dapoli one can experience Konkan to the fullest. From beaches to sea forts , temples, caves and ofcourse the delicious seafood.- It is closely connected to so many places that it has something to offer for everyone.
  • Matheran4 years ago
    Ideal place for getaways in Diwali !
  • Darshan4 years ago
    Darshan offers an interactive, entertaining, and educative experience to its visitors through a series of immersive spatial experiences rich in audio, video and multimedia. This light-and-sound-show-based museum has been made using a vast palette of technologies, such as real-life mannequins, graphic panels, holographic screens, Pepper’s ghost, interactive audio visual material, films, etc.
  • Kaas Pathar4 years ago
    Truly heaven on earth, Maharashtra’s valley of flowers. This is a very seasonal place so make sure you catch the place at its best, which is after the rains August onwards until October.
  • Marleshwar4 years ago
    The waterfall is indeed very beautiful. They are one of the highest waterfalls. If you go beyond 'Karambeli Doh' , you can get a fair idea of the height of the falls. Adventure lovers and trekkers will love this area. The site of the waterfalls is very pleasing to the eyes. Many small waterfalls come together to form the Dhareshwar water falls. Monsoon is the best season to enjoy the picturesque waterfalls.
  • Pavana4 years ago
    Built on the Pawana River near Lonavala, the Pawana Dam attracts several tourists. The cool climate and fresh air of the area make it a destination worth visiting.
  • New Feature Added4 years ago
    Aroundpune has added Top 10 Places as new feature. It has 9 blocks containing upto 10 trending destinatioins to choose from.

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