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आनंदाची फेरी

20-Feb-2019 | Shilpa Ingle

3 Min Read प्रत्येक आठवणीत कुठलातरी प्रसंग असतो आठवत… आणि प्रत्येक प्रसंगात आपण असतो काहीतरी साठवत… प्रसंग होता नुकताच केलेला दाभोळ – गुहागर हा फेरी बोटीचा प्रवास.. कोकणातील..


7 Facts About Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj That Every Indian Should Know

19-Feb-2019 | Krutika Joglekar

2 Min Read Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, born on 19th February 1630 was the founder of the great Maratha Empire. He united the Marathas at the young age of..


Love is in the air and these awesome Valentine’s Day events near Pune are sure to get you lovestruck!

13-Feb-2019 | Admin

3 Min Read 1.Sunny’s World Celebrate Love with your sweetheart at the Valentine’d Day Party at Sunny’s World on 14th February 2019. Enjoy a memorable evening with your..


Cupid Recommends 5 Romantic Getaways near Pune to whisk away your loved one, This Valentine’s Day!

13-Feb-2019 | Krutika Joglekar

2 Min Read 1.Mahabaleshwar Celebrate love with your sweetheart in the dreamy settings of Mahabaleshwar! Spend a romantic evening marveling at the sunset over the Western Ghats. Create..


Backpacking Rishikesh : Lost with purpose

07-Feb-2019 | Vinay K

5 Min Read Backpacking trip करायचं बरेच दिवस मनात होते. पण कधी, कुठे, कशी याचा कधीच विचार केला नव्हता. Backpackers चे बरेच ब्लॉग्स वाचनात आले होते आणि त्यातून..


An eternal “Gatha” of 1500 Years Back Era

06-Feb-2019 | Shilpa Ingle

2 Min Read Did you know? Temples of Aihole, Karnataka is the enshrined school of the masters who created Temple Art & Architecture. An eternal “Gatha” of 1500 Years..


8 Ways to Pop-up Photos with Colors

25-Jan-2019 | Shilpa Ingle

5 Min Read Colors Rule ME & have a great impact on me. In photography too, I happen to find stories through colors to communicate on an emotional..


Why Do I Travel?

03-Jan-2019 | Shilpa Ingle

2 Min Read Well, I often get asked what urges me to leave home & travel? Won’t I miss my loved ones? With my family so possessive about..