An eternal “Gatha” of 1500 Years Back Era

Shilpa Ingle
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Did you know? Temples of Aihole, Karnataka is the enshrined school of the masters who created Temple Art & Architecture. An eternal “Gatha” of 1500 Years back era is solidified in the stones of Aihole Temple.


It took artisans years to carve the temple stones & illustrate the divine deeds of our Holy God. 1500 years ago people traveled from far-flung places to learn the art of mastering the fundamentals of temple building in Aihole. The education of temple building began as early as the 5th century & continued till the 12th century. The artists understood the science of rocks, stones & tools & then learned the art of carving, chiseling & sculpting. From an educational capital, Aihole metamorphied to a mystic town of majestic temples. It’s also been said that Aihole generated an authentic blueprint to the World Famous Hampi, which is proclaimed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Many styles of temples are dedicated to different deities. Most popular ones here are Durga temple, Ladh Khan temple, Meguti temple, Ravanphadi cave, Hucchimalli temple, Gowda temple & Suryanarayan temple.

This chain of temples cast a multi-dimensional effect on admirers like us who lose the track of time while idolizing the temple beautifications. When I looked closely, there came a moment when I simply get lost & merge with the souls in the temples. That’s when the time stops & you find yourself fantasizing & living these tales from centuries ago. Actually an out of the world feeling.

My brisk trip to Aihole, beyond the shadow of doubt, was quite an interesting exploration with an unfixed date with bygones & era. A must visit for explorers with keen interest in heritage & architecture.

Life does have its own way of changing everything, specially the infinite TIME!


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