Why Do I Travel?

Shilpa Ingle
2 Min Read

Well, I often get asked what urges me to leave home & travel? Won’t I miss my loved ones? With my family so possessive about me, what if I get homesick? Or then what am I running from??

As a matter of fact, I have my own bunch of blockheads best known to ME!!

Different types of drugs affect us in distinct ways. For an eccentric nut like me the drug prescribed routinely is “Travel”. With a frequent dose of travel induced, I remain balanced & get cured of my restlessness within. ‘A perfect palatable compliance!!’



The passion for photography motivates me to travel & wander the unseen God’s home by exploring new places & their cultures. My taste buds crave to relish variety of food & interacting with new people also gives immense insight. Most importantly, my perspective towards the materialistic life day by day is changing. I commit myself to seek inner peace, self-love & gratitude.

And then out in the sea of freedom with no compass to guide us, with nothing to force our direction, we all tend to sail. We keep wanting some change from our daily mechanical routine. A whole beautiful world out there keeps motivating us with it’s diversified variety, adding spice to our life.

I know, the day I stop strolling, my heart will frost,
So discovering new paths is my drug to defrost,
I promised my soul miles of voyage at any cost,
At the end what matters is I find my peace when I get lost!!

I Feel : I Heal : I Grow : I Learn : I Love : I Connect : I be Myself…. When I Travel!!

What’s the prescribed Drug for your Peace??


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