Adventurous Mulher-Mora-Hargad Trek

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  • 328 Kms
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 Location: Nashik District

 Difficulty Level: Hard

The Mulher-Mora-Hargad Trek is an exciting hike of three forts situated in the Selbari-Dolbari Mountain Range situated in Nashik District.

The forts of Mulher, Mora and Hargad are located in Maharashtra’s Nashik District in the Dolbari Mountain Range. A hill, which extends from the Mulher village has three fortified peaks standing next to each other – Mulher in the middle, Mora to the east, and Hargad to the west. Mulher Wadi, the base village of these forts can be reached from Pune (via Nashik Phata) by buses and private vehicles.

From the Mulher village, trekkers usually climb the Hargad Fort first. The approximately 2-hours ascend to reach the top of Hargad is quite exhausting and tests the fitness and endurance of trekkers. From Hargad Fort it takes an almost 1.5-hour trek to Mulher Fort and later, Mora Fort.

The Mulher-Mora-Hargad Trek is a thrilling trek for the beginners as well as for seasoned trekkers. Many trekkers seeking a unique trekking experience combine this trek with the Salher-Salota Trek.


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