Alang, Madan & Kulang

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 Location: In Nashik District

The toughest trek in the Sahyadris is at Alang, Madan and Kulang, three of the highest forts situated in the Western Ghats’ Kalsubai Range.

Alang, Madan and Kulang are three forts situated in the Kalsubai range of the Western Ghats. Each of the three forts lies at an elevation of more than 4,800 feet above sea level. The Alang Madan Kulang trek is considered to be one of most difficult treks in Maharashtra, involving a mix of rock climbing, rappelling, steep climbs and strenuous walks. The tough trek is suitable for experienced trekkers and must be undertaken under the guidance of experts. In addition, this 3 -day trek requires a high level of endurance, patience and stamina.

The Alang, Madan and Kulang forts remained neglected for a long-time due to their remoteness and the confusing pathways leading up to them. Often, they became inaccessible due to heavy rainfall in the area. However, in recent times, few highly-trained and passionate trekkers have singled out some routes leading to the forts. And it is now possible to trek up the mighty trio of forts.

You may embark on the Alang -Madan Kulang trek, if you are seeking to test your limits and explore your boundaries. Make sure you do this trek under the leadership of skilled and certified trekkers. Relevant prior trekking experience, and the possession of essential rock-climbing and rappelling skills are musts to do this mammoth trek.

The base village for the trek is Ambevadi, located near the hill station of Igatpuri in the district of Nashik. Start the 3-day trek at Alang Fort. This particular trail is laden with beautiful flora and you may spot some fauna as well. The top of Alang Fort is a vast plateau offering breathtaking views of the surrounding region. From the east of the fort you can see Kalasubai, Aundh Fort, Patta and Bitangad, whereas from the north side you can see Harihar, Trimbakgad and Anjaneri. From the south side of the fort, you can see Harishchandragad, Aajobagad, Khutta Pinnacle, Ratangad and Katrabai. Atop Alang Fort, you will come across two ancient rock caves, eleven water cisterns and remnants of old buildings. After a fun day, cautiously rappel down Alang to reach the base. Or else, stay in a cave for the night, and descend the following morning.

The next day, proceed to trek up the Madangad Fort. Ascending Madangad is quite tough and requires rock climbing. When compared to Alang and Kulang, the area of this fort is small and sloping.  Carefully climb up the top as you test your fitness and strength. On reaching the summit, you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the valley below. In the distance, you can spot the forts of Alang, Kulang, Aundh Fort, Ratangad, Harihar, Harishchandragad, Triambakgad, Kalsubai and Khutta Pinnacle. Atop the fort, there is a cave and two water cisterns. Spend the night on the fort premises by taking shelter in the cave. Proceed to Kulang the next day.

On the third day, rappel down Madangad and start for Kulang Fort. The Kulang Fort trek is the toughest of the three treks and requires oodles of grit and stamina. Tighten the reins as you climb over uneven patches of rock-cut steps to reach the top. When you finally reach the summit, and see the amazing panorama before you, the exhausting trek seems worth the effort. Take your time to enjoy the breathtaking views of Alang, Madan, Kalsubai and the Mahuli Pinnacles. Atop Kulang, there is a cave and two water cisterns. You may stay in the cave for the night or else rappel down to reach the base village.

Make sure to carry tents, sleeping bags, extra sets of clothes, ample food supplies, enough water for 3 days and basic cooking equipment for overnight stays in the caves atop Alang, Madan and Kulang.


  • Stay overnight in the caves atop the three forts.
  • Carry tents, sleeping bags, extra sets of clothes, ample food supplies, enough water for 3 days and basic cooking equipment.
  • Mode of Transport : You may travel by car to reach the base village of Ambevadi, which is located near the hill station of Igatpuri in the district of Nashik.

Things to do

  • Experience a thrill of a lifetime as you trek up the forts of Alang, Madan and Kulang.
  • Explore your strength, stamina and patience as you embark on the toughest trek of the Sahyadris.
  • Feel exhilarated as you reach the summit of all three forts and view the breathtaking panoramas they offer.
  • Stay overnight in the caves atop the forts and enjoy living like cavemen for a few nights.


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