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 Location: In Raigad District

A coastal town in the Raigad district, Alibaug is the Goa of Maharashtra!

A coastal town in the Raigad district, Alibaug is the Goa of Maharashtra! Surrounded by water on three sides, Alibaug is a tropical island lined with orchards and chikoo trees.  The Alibaug beach is quite peaceful on weekdays and is rejuvenating with its fresh air and clean waters. The beach is shallow which is best for the kids!

This small town was developed by Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre, the chief of Shivaji’s Kingdom in the 17th Century.  It was called Ramnath then. The name Alibaug has a different story. A rich Israeli named Ali owned many plantations which is why locals called the place ‘Alichi Bagh’ or Alibag.

Some must-visit places in Alibaug-

  • Alibaug beach- Beautiful and fresh lined with coconut trees.
  • Kolaba Fort- Built by Shivaji in 1680, the Kolaba Fort stands I km across the beach in the sea. It has witnessed great naval battles between the British and the Portuguese.
  • Tomb of Kanhoji Angre – exquisitely sculpted, lies the sacred memory of the great Maratha warrior.
  • Siddheshwar Mandir- 4kms from the Alibaug-Pen state highway, is the beautiful Shiva temple on a hillock near the village Khandale
  • Khanderi & Underi Islands- These islands were fortified by Shivaji. Can be visited if time permits
  • Bet El Synagogue- It is a heritage property and one of the most visited tourist sites in Alibaug. It is evidence of the large Jewish population that lived in Alibaug.
  • Varsoli beach- Lying on the outskirts of Alibaug, it is a sparkling white sand beach. A must visit.
  • Akshi beach- 6km away from Alibaug, it is desirable for children as the beach is a flat stretch for a long distance. Beautiful and safe.
  • Kankeshwar Mandir- 13km from Alibaug, lies the famous Shiva temple atop a hill. To reach the scenic temple, one will have to climb the well paved stairs which will take around an hour. It comprises of the Paleshwar, Sri Hanuman, Sri Balram Krishna and Lord Shiv temples.


  • There are many nice restaurants and comfortable hotels in Alibaug.
  • Mode of Transport: The best way to reach Alibaug is by car.

Things to do

  • Explore the beautiful beaches in and around Alibaug.
  • Visit the Kankeshwar Temple, Siddheshwar Mandir and Kolaba Fort.


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