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 Location: Near Roha

The historical fort of Avchitgad is a popular trekking destination located in the Sahyadri Mountain Range near the city of Roha.

Avchitgad is a fort located in the Sahyadri Mountain Range. It is situated near the city of Roha in Maharashtra’s Raigad district. The exciting trails leading to Avchitgad pass through picturesque dense forests, and the trek is a must-do for every adventure enthusiast.

Avchitgad is said to have been built during the reign of the Shilahara dynasty. Later, it was occupied by the Nizam of Ahmednagar. It is believed that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj restructured most of the fort. In 1818 the fort was surrendered to the British along with several other forts in the nearby region.

Avchitgad is set at an elevation of about 977 feet above sea level and is spread across a shoe-shaped hill top. There are about 3 routes to the reach the top of the fort, but the most preferred route is the one that begins at the base village of Medha. The other 2 routes are via the villages of Pingalsai and Padam.

It takes about one hour to reach the fort via the Medha village route. There is a well near the base containing potable water. The trail starts right behind the water well. On this route, make your way through beautiful dense forests. You will see a temple dedicated to Lord Vithoba on the way. After a while, you reach the col that leads you to the fort. The fort lies on the right side of the col.

From the first entrance of the fort, you can see the bastion of the southern side, which was used as a watch tower. There are a few inscriptions on one of the bastion’s walls. The fort’s second entrance leads to a big water tank, which has statue of Lord Khandoba near it.

Atop the fort, there are about 7 water cisterns, a few cannons, remnants of old buildings, a temple dedicated to Goddess Pingalsai and shrine dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj’s Sardar Baji Pasalkar. One of the bigger water tanks on the fort has been constructed in a dodecagonal shape.

During monsoon, the entire region surrounding the fort is covered with lush greenery. From the top of the fort, enjoy breathtaking views of the neighbouring forts of Talagad, Telbaila, Sarasgad, Ghangad, Sudhagad, Raigad and Savashnagad. Though rarely spotted on the fort premises, wild animals such as foxes, leopards and monkeys are said to dwell in the habitat surrounding Avchitgad.


  • Carry your own food and sufficient water for the trek.
  • There are several hotels and restaurants in the nearby city of Roha.
  • Mode of Transport : Best way to reach Avchitgad Fort from Pune is by car. Or else you may take a bus or train to reach Roha. Avchitgad is situated about 6 km away from Roha.

Things to do

  • Embark on an adventurous trek to reach the top of Avchitgad.
  • Walk through a beautiful trail passing through a dense forest.
  • Explore the temples, bastions, water cisterns and other ancient remnants atop the fort.
  • From the top of Jivdhan Fort, enjoy spectacular views of the neighbouring forts of Talagad, Telbaila, Sarasgad, Ghangad, Sudhagad, Raigad and Savashnagad.


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