Baramotichi Vihir

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 Location: Near Satara

A glorious piece of Maharashtra’s rich history, Baramotichi Vihir is an ancient stepwell situated in the village of Limb, 16 km away from Satara.

Baramotichi Vihir is an ancient stepwell situated in the village of Limb, 16 km away from Satara. A glorious piece of Maharashtra’s rich history, the wondrous Baramotichi Vihir is an architectural marvel and a must-visit when you are in Satara.

The stepwell was built between 1641 and 1646 by Sau. Virubhai Bhosale. It was constructed to supply water to almost 300 mango plantations in its vicinity. The archaic well is octagonal in shape and was built to look a dug-out Shiv Ling. It is about 110 feet deep and its diameter is 50 feet. It’s very hard to notice the well from afar because there is not much construction done over the ground level. But once you get down the main staircase there a large arched opening leading to the well.

The entire structure of the stepwell is made of black stone. Besides the main staircase, there a few more smaller steps leading to the well’s center. There are galleries around the well and above the galleries is a big hall that was used to accommodate the king’s throne. The structure’s pillars and walls have beautiful carvings of gods, goddesses, humans, animals, birds and floral motifs.

The octagonal well has the provision of total fifteen moats out of which only twelve moats were in use. Rest of the moats were operated rarely. The moats were utilized for relieving the overflow of the water during monsoon. A narrow secret door, called the ‘Chor-Darwaja’, situated at one side of the main hall opens out on the ground level of the well’s outer side. This door was constructed for an easy escape during an enemy attack.

The route leading to the stepwell is a little confusing, so ask a local person to guide you towards the right direction. Some of the roads through the village are very narrow, so be careful if you are driving a bigger car.


  • Carry you own snacks and sufficient water while visiting the stepwell.
  • Ample accommodation is available in Satara, which is about 16 km away.
  • Mode of Transport: Best way to reach Baramotichi Vihir is by car.

Things to do

  • Visit the incredible Baramotichi Vihir, an ancient stepwell located in Limb village near Satara.
  • Get a glimpse into Maharashtra’s rich history as you explore the spectacular architecture of this unique stepwell.
  • Photograph the impressive carvings which adorn the structure pillars, doors and walls.


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