Chivla Beach

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 Location: Near Malvan

Chivla Beach is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches near Malvan, famous for its white sand and crystal-clear water.

Chivla Beach is beautiful white sand beach, about 2 km away from the coastal town of Malvan in Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg District. One of the nicest and cleanest beaches in this region, it is an ideal destination for a fun beach vacation with family and friends.

A C-shaped and flat beach, Chivla Beach is absolutely safe for swimming. Indulge in a leisurely swim in the soothing and crystal-clear water and feel rejuvenated. Take a relaxing walk along the shoreline to explore the beach or take a quick nap under the shade of a coconut tree. Or simply lay on the soft sand, enjoy the warm sunshine and the pleasant sea breeze, accompanied by the calming sound of waves and happy chirping of birds.

If you love adventure, you will be delighted by all the adventurous water sports available at Chivla Beach. Go scuba diving and snorkeling in the sparkling blue ocean to see the fascinating and abundant marine life underwater. For an adrenaline thrill, try exciting water activities like the banana boat rides, jet skiing, speed boat rides, parasailing and more. Kids may enjoy the horse-cart and camel rides. After a day full of adventure, indulge in some refreshing coconut water and delicious snacks served at food stalls near the beach.

Chivla beach is also an exceptional photography spot. Besides photographing its untouched natural beauty, you may capture the lively scenes of fishermen returning to shore with a huge catch and colourful fishing boats lining up near the sea. You may also get some amazing shots of the multitude of migratory birds that visit this beach every year.

The dreamy sunrises and stunning sunsets at Chivala Beach are simply breathtaking. Likewise, the beach looks absolutely spectacular at night, especially on full-moon nights when the moon seems to rise from the sea. So, make sure to add a nocturnal beach walk on Chivla Beach to your must-do list.

During your trip to Chivla Beach, make sure to eat some lip-smacking Malvani seafood served by the beachside resorts and homestays. The vegetarian fare served here is equally flavoursome.


  • Delectable vegetarian and nobn-vegetarian fare is available at restaurants near the beach.
  • There are quite a few nice homestays and resorts near Chivla Beach or you may stay in Malvan.
  • Mode of Transport: Best way to reach and explore Chivla Beach is by car.

Things to do

  • Swim in the crystal-clear water at Chivla Beach.
  • Go scuba diving and snorkeling to see some fascinating marine life.
  • Indulge in exciting water sports like banana boat rides, jet skiing, speed boat rides, parasailing and more.
  • Keep your camera handy to capture Chivla Beach’s natural beauty and lively atmosphere.
  • Take an unforgettable nocturnal walk along the shoreline when the surroundings glow in the moonlight.
  • Treat your taste-buds to some lipsmacking Malvani cuisine, especially the fresh seafood delicacies.


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