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 Location: Panchgani

Devrai Home Stay is an exclusive getaway in the hills for artists , designers, writers, filmakers and nature lovers.

Devrai Homestay is more recommended for the art lovers. Located in the heart of the ‘Devrai Art Village’, an acclaimed group that showcases Adivasi art and craft in the region. It is an exclusive getaway in the hills for artists, designers, writers, filmmakers & nature lovers. Other classes of travellers can also make it to Devrai Homestay and get acquainted with the local art, traditions and cultures. In addition to this, as the homestay is run and maintained by a local family, a homely ambience and quality living is guaranteed in here.

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Devrai Art Village, behind Sanjeewan School Playground, Panchgani, Maharashtra 412805

+91 8007390859



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