Enchanting Sinhagad to Rajgad Trek

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 Location: Near Pune

 Difficulty Level: Extremely Hard

The Sinhagad to Rajgad Trek brings together the forts of Sinhagad and Rajgad - two of the most renowned and much-loved forts in Maharashtra.

The Sinhagad to Rajgad Trek brings together two of the most renowned and much-loved forts in Maharashtra. The trail connecting Sinhagad Fort and Rajgad Fort offers the most incredible panoramic views of the Sahyadris.

This trek starts at Sinhagad Fort located about 38 km southwest of Pune. There are several buses connecting Pune city and Atkarwadi, the base village of Sinhagad Fort. It takes an almost 1.5-hour trek to the top of Sinhagad from its base village. The top of the fort is also accessible by cars and bikes.

On reaching the top, you can spend some time exploring the fort and its various ancient remnants and sites, which include Kalyan Darwaja, Tilak Bungalow, Tanaji Malusare Memorial, Dev Taki, etc. You can also marvel at the breath-taking views from the top of the fort. Another highlight of Sinhagad is the mouth-watering local food you get atop the fort and also while climbing the fort.

Rajgad fort is situated about 35 km south of Sinhagad Fort. The route leading to Rajgad Fort passes through the village of Vinjar. You need to cross a ridge comprised of a few small hills in order to reach Vinjar. From Vinjar, you can either hire car or an auto-rickshaw to Gunjavane, the base village of Rajgad. Or else, you can walk through some fields behind Vinjar bus-stop and reach Sakhar village. From Sakhar, you can proceed to Gunjavane by taking the Gunjavane Road. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to ascend Rajgad Fort from Gunjavane.

The Sinhagad to Rajgad Trek is a dream-come-true trek for history lovers and adventure enthusiasts. But it takes quite a bit of physical and mental strength to complete this trek. While doing this trek, make sure to carry sufficient water, snacks and a basic first-aid kit which may come in handy in emergencies. Certain patches along the route can be quite slippery during monsoon, so please take extra precaution.


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