Gatha Mandir, Dehu

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 Location: Near Pune

One of the most renowned pilgrimage places in Maharashtra, Dehu is the town where revered 17th century saint, Sant Tukaram lived.

Abode of Sant Tukaram

A popular pilgrimage place in Pune, Dehu is the home and soul of Sant Tukaram- Maharashtra’s most revered saint poet.  All his life, he worshipped Lord Vitthal and preached his devotion through his ‘abhangs’.

  • Dehu temple- Built on the banks on river Indrayani by his youngest son Narayanbaba in the 18th century, it is the prominent reminiscent of Sant Tukaram. The temple hosts the idol of Lord Pandurang.  During the month of Ashaad, thousands of worshipers follow the ‘Paalkhi’  from Dehu in which his ‘abhangs’ are remembered. This is the most peak season for devotees.
  • Gatha Temple- A spectacular temple with Sant Tukaram sitting with a ‘Veena’. The walls of the temple are intricately carved with 4,000 of his abhangs. Don’t miss its sight!
  • A temple dedicated to Lord Ayappa, established by Ayappa Seva Sangam
  • Highlights of the place are also the garden built in memory of his wife and the rock on which Sant Tukaram fasted for 13 days.

A visit to Dehu will give you a true insight on the great man who empowered the ‘warkari’ community and encouraged community service through music and love for God.


  • Hotels and dharmashalas available. ‘Vaikuntha sthaan’ which is a type of Ashram.


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