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 Location: In Raigad District

Located in the Raigad district, Harishhareshwar is one of the most popular beach destinations and pilgrimage places.

The Dakshin Kashi

Bound by the Sahayadri hills: Harihar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri, Harihareshwar is the ‘Dev Ghar’ in Raigad district situated 190 kms from Pune. This religiously significant little town is the place where river Savitri meets the Arabian Sea.  With two serene beaches on one side and a pristine forest on another, it is the perfect location to unwind and connect to your inner self!


  • MTDC hotel available or private ones.
  • Many hotels and homestays are also available.

Things to do

  • Harihareshwar temple-It is the main tourist attraction which has 2 temples within the periphery. The smaller Kalbhairav temple is to be visited first followed by the main temple that has the ancient Shiva Linga. Legend believes that Shiva made Kalbhairav and handed him all his mantra shaastras. The pradakshina around the temple will require you to walk around the sea shore. It is a must see!
  • Ganesh gully- A unique spot where the Ganesh idol is placed at a revered niche between two mountains. The idol is submerged 30 feet under water and is believed to be seen during tidal period.
  • Somaji Devi temple- Dedicated to Goddess Somaji, it is believed that Devi can extract the venom from those bitten and ‘pradakshina’ to be made by lying flat on the stomach!
  • Kumeshwar – Known as temple town, it hosts several temples with pre-historic architectural carvings and designs.
  • Harihareshwar beach- The panoramic beach is tranquility that cannot be found elsewhere! It attracts a large crowd due to its scenic beauty.
  • Bagmandala- A village of the Peshwa regime, one must visit the Peshwa Smarak here and head to the Bankot fort to experience their legacy. A jungle jetty is a must do as well.


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