Harnai Beach

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 Location: Near Dapoli

Harnai Beach, also known as Maharshi Karve Beach is a beautiful beach situated near Dapoli, famous for its golden sands and blue waters.

Harnai Beach is a beautiful and popular beach situated in the village of Harnai, 15 kms away from the town of Dapoli in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district. It is also known as the Maharshi Karve Beach, named after the visionary social reformer and pioneering educator Maharshi Dhondo Keshave Karve, who spent most of his childhood in Murud, a village in the vicinity of Harnai.

Explore the rocky Harnai Beach by walking across its vast expanse of golden sand. Go swimming in its crystal-clear water when the tide is low. While you relax in the picturesque setting, enjoy the company of many migratory birds, who flock to Harnai in large numbers each year. For an adrenaline thrill, indulge in some adventure water sports or take an exciting early morning boat ride to see Dolphins.

As you walk towards the northern end of the beach, you’ll see the stunning Suvarnadurg Fort in the middle of the sea. Built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the historic Survarnadurg Fort and the nearby Kanakdurg Fort are must-visits when you are in Harnai. In addition, make sure to visit the village’s two beautiful 18th century temples – the Durga Devi Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga and the Siddhivinayak Temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Harnai is also famous for its ‘Bandar’ or fishing port, where hundreds of fishing boats line up against the coast every day, with fishermen auctioning off fresh catch at very reasonable prices. Visit the Harnai Bandar to observe the fishermen catch fish, to see the lively fish auction and to capture the colorful fishing boats on your camera. And, if you love seafood, make sure to buy an extensive variety of super-fresh and quality fish available in all shapes and sizes.

On your trip to Harnai, you may also visit Anjarle, the neighboring village, known for its Lord Ganesha temple and its pristine beach.


  • There are several homestays, hotels and restaurants in Harnai providing comfortable accommodation and ample food options.
  • Modes of Transport: Best way to reach and explore Harnai is by car. Or you may take the Maharashtra State Transport buses which drop you at Dapoli.

Things to do

  • Stay at the lovely sea-facing resorts and homestays, which offer lovely views of the scenic beach all through the day.
  • Capture the fishermen go about their daily auctions at the Harnai Bandar, and also buy a variety of fresh fish.
  • Gorge on the delicious Konkani seafood served by local restaurants, homestays and resorts.
  • Visit the historic Suvarnadurg Fort and Kanakdurg Fort, surrounded by the sea on all sides.
  • Create special memories with your partner or your family while you enjoy the idyllic beach, the refreshing air and the mouthwatering local cuisine.


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