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 Location: Near Satara

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaas Plateau is a biodiversity hotspot famous for its seasonal wild flowers that bloom every year between August and September.

The Kaas plateau, only 22kms from Satara is truly heaven on earth. Popularly known as Maharashtra’s valley of flowers, these 1000 hectares of mesmerizing flora is a visual treat during the months of August to October.  The name originates from the ‘Kaasa’ tree which is found here in large numbers, whose leaves turn from green to red and blooms white flowers uniquely only for 15 days in March. Hues of green, red, yellow and blue wild flowers and plants carpet the entire area which makes it a breathtaking venture for tourists, nature lovers, photographers and scientific expeditors.

Kaas is ecologically unique as it is formed by volcanic activities. It is home to 850 endemic species of flowers and plants that which put Kaas on the international scenario when UNESCO recognized it as World Heritage Site in 2012. This biological hotspot cuddled in the Sahyadris is a must visit for its unbeatable tranquility and natural beauty.

Kaas Lake : The man-made lake just adds to the picturesque aura of the Kaas Plateau. You can drive along the lake enjoying the view of the Sajjangad Fort on its left and the Kanher Dam on its right. The mist, the dense forests, the valley and the colorful meadow will completely transport to you a rejuvenating world.


  • Small hotels are available in Satara or in Mahabaleshwar.

Things to do

  • The blanket of flowers lasts for 2-3 kms so it advisable to park your vehicle and take off on foot to trail into the floral meadow.
  • To visit Kaas plateau, register yourself on www.kaas.ind.in. It’s a simple hassle free procedure. This step has been taken to curb the number of visitors to 2000 only each day in order to protect it from degradation.


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