Kalptaru Niwas

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 Location: Dapoli

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Kalptaru Niwas-Homestay in Karde consists of 7 rooms, 5 of which are Deluxe (AC Rooms) and 2 are Regular (Non AC Rooms).?Our Rooms offer a soulful ambiance of tranquility as the waves keep you great company.?Of course, it?s not only the Karde Beach that you can enjoy but also other pristine beaches nearby such as Ladghar Beach?and Murud Harnai Beach. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of these amazing beaches as well as the rich, picturesque sceneries. If it is beautiful memories that you want to create.If you are looking for the perfect place where you can be comfortable and relax with your family while enjoying the beach and the sceneries, Kalptaru Niwas has everything you are looking for. It has beautiful places you can visit and get souvenirs from just around the corner.

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Nagavekar wadi, Karde, Maharashtra-415713

+91 9011407646 / 9765504305



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