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 Location: Near Dapoli

Kelshi is a quaint village in Ratnagiri district, famous for its pristine virgin beach and beautiful temples

Located in the northern part of Ratnagiri district, Kelshi is most known for its historic monuments like Dargah of Yaqub Sarvari and the Laxmi Mandir.  Yaqub Baba, was one of Shivaji Maharaj’s guru, in whose honor this dargah was built. It was started by Shivaji, continued by Sambhaji Raje and ultimately completed by Peshwa Bajirao. This old yet unique secularism by Shivaji can be seen evn today when an ‘Urus’  is celebrated by Hindus at this Darga even today on 6th of December every year!

The Mahalaxmi temple at the base of the Uttamber hills, south end of Kelshi, is a must visit. Belonging to the Peshwa regime, it is a picturesque sight with its lotus ponds and houses of Shiva and Ganapati.

Apart from its rich historical background, Kelshi boasts of the most spectacular beach in Dapoli. The 2.5kms stretch of sea is a truly refreshing experience away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Embrace the beauty of the setting sun while sitting on the large black rocks where the Uttamber hills meet the sea.

Don’t forget to taste the local Konkan cuisine while in Kelshi.

Best season to visit- November to February: The climate is calm and pleasant. Also it is the best time for getting a glimpse of migratory as well as local birds. White gulls, white bellied sea eagles, a large variety of Kingfisher and small sandwich terns can be seen in flocks, just to name a few.


  • Local people provide food and accommodation at reasonable prices.


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