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 Location: Near Pune

Khandala is a scenic hill station perched atop the western slope of the Sahyadri Mountain Range.

Perched on the western slope of the Sahyadri mountain range, is the exotic hill station of Khandala. Only at 69km from Pune and 100km from Mumbai it is a hot tourist attraction that pulls a large city-dwelling crowd. Endowed with lush landscapes, meandering waterfalls and glittering lakes Khandala is the right pick for enjoyment and relaxation.

A witness to the Maratha, Peshwa and British rule this place is historically imminent as well. Stunning spots and viewing points equally enjoyable by the young and old has made Khandala one of the most popular stop for an enchanting escapade.


  • A number of hotels are available (MTDC is also a good choice). Prior booking required.
  • Mode of Transport: Car from Pune.

Things to do

  • Duke’s Nose-This unique is inspired by Duke Wellington whose nose resembled this particular cliff. An excellent point to view the spectacular valley.
  • Tiger leap– An interesting thing about this place is that at a specific spot, the valley appears to be in the shape of a leaping tiger.
  • Amrutanjan point-An excellent viewing point for the valley and the Duke’s nose. It is also one of the highest points in Khandala.
  • Karla and Bhaja caves-These ancient Buddhist caves are located 16km from Khandala. Beautiful and serene, they are a must visit.
  • Bhushi Lake-An ideal resting place after trekking and climbing, it’s a delight to just sit by the lake and relax.
  • Kune Falls
  • Lohgad fort– An ancient fort, refreshing waterfalls and famous caves Lohgad on the must-visit list.
  • Korigad Fort– To visit this place, one must go through the Shahpur village and then proceed to the fort through the jungle. It is located in the Amby Vallley.
  • Reversing Station– It lies outside tunnel no. 26, on the rail route. The nearby regions and the city of Khopoli are visible from here and presents a mesmerizing site when illuminated with lights.

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