Koyna Nagar

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 Location: In Satara District

Koyna Nagar is a scenic lakeside hill-station situated in Satara District. It’s famous for the mighty Koyna Dam, which withstood the earthquake of 1967.

A scenic lake side hill-station in Maharashtra’s Satara District, Koyna Nagar is a must-visit for an overnight trip or a weekend getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Situated on the banks of the Konya River, the town is famous for the mighty Koyna Dam, known for withstanding the earthquake of 1967 with just a few negligible cracks, the biodiverse Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and the Koyna Hydroelectric Project – India’s largest completed hydroelectric project.

Located in the fascinating Western Ghats at about 2,448 ft. above sea level, Koyna Nagar has a pleasant climate throughout the year. But, come monsoon, and Koyna Nagar is transformed into a spectacle of lush greenery. You will fall in love with the town’s meadows and hills covered in green, its clean air is filled with the fragrance of rain-soaked soil, the sounds and views of its gushing waterfalls, and the serenity of its calming lakes.

Spend the day boating in the soothing backwaters of the Koyna Dam, known as the Shivsagar Lake. Or simply cycle around the picturesque town and set up a picnic by the river banks, enjoying some quality moments with your family and friends.

Feel one with nature at Koyna Nagar’s popular and well-maintained Jawaharlal Nehru Garden. The beautifully landscaped garden has a great play area for kids, besides offering stunning panoramic views of the Koyna Dam and Shivsagar Lake. After enjoying the picturesque scenery, don’t forget to watch the short film explaining Koyna Dam’s history, features and many other interesting facts. Also, worth visiting is the Botanical Garden, situated next to the Nehru Garden, and housing a variety of exotic flowers and medicinal plants native to the Sahyadris.

Other attractions worth visiting include the spectacular Ozarde Waterfall and the Kumbharli Ghat viewpoint. If you have time on your side or you are visiting for the weekend, do visit the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, about 4 hours away from the Koyna Dam. The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is a UNESCO natural world heritage site known for its abundant biodiversity of flora and fauna. Explore the evergreen dense forest, indulge in some birdwatching, and if luck is on your side, come face to face with wild animals like sloth bears, Indian bison, Bengal tiger, langurs, leopards and more. Inside the sanctuary, make sure to visit the dilapidated but historic Vasota Fort believed to be built by Malwa king Raja Bhoja in the 11th century.


  • There are several hotels and restaurants in Koyna Nagar providing comfortable accommodation and ample food options.
  • Modes of Transport: A privately-owned car or a hired car is the best way to travel to Koyna Nagar and explore its surrounding area.

Things to do

  • Visit the beautiful Nehru Garden and the delightful Botanical Garden.
  • Go boating in the blue-green waters of Shivsagar Lake, the backwaters of the Koyna Dam.
  • Cycle around the town or enjoy a campfire picnic by the riverside.
  • Enjoy the views of the Kumbharli Ghat and the sounds of the gushing Ozarde waterfall.
  • Explore the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuarty’s evergreen forest, indulge in birdwatching and visit the Vasota Fort located inside the sanctuary.


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