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 Location: Near Lonavala

Situated near Lonavala, the mighty hill fort of Lohagad is a famous historical site and popular trekking destination.

This has got be the “Monsoon Trekker’s” favorite destination. Lohgad fort situated just 52 kms from Pune and is at an elevation of 1052 meters. It is a fort that is extremely easy to climb. This fort is the perfect destination for those who want to experience the natural beauty of the Sahyadris yet are not keen on going in for hardcore trekking.

The best part about Lohgad is that can be reached not only by a motorable road via the Mumbai –Pune highway but also by a local train. Take a local train fro Pune to Malavli station. The fort is situated at a distance of about 8kms from the station and takes two to two and a half hours to cover by foot. On the way to the fort you can take a diversion and visit ‘Bhaje Caves’. These are a group of caves that are a popular attraction amongst trekkers. The village of Lohgadwadi is at the base of the fort. Though there are no shops on the fort, shops selling snacks, tea, coffee etc can be found in this village.

The way to the top of the fort is via stone steps that are approximately 500 in number. The climb is easy and takes about an hour to complete. The view en route and on the top is spectacular. The nearby Visapur fort can be seen from here. The Monsoons especially turn this place into a nature lover’s paradise. The whole fort turns a shade of bright green with waterfalls and streams at every nook and corner. The constant fog and mist add to the beauty.

There are several historic structures on Lohgad including the stone steps that are still intact and worth observing when on a trip here. These also include four large gates that are at various intervals on the fort. You will also find big tanks and step wells built during the Peshwa period. On the west side is a narrow wall like fortified spur known as “Vinchukata”. This portion of the fort derives this name because of its peculiar shape which resembles a scorpion’s tail. A further walk down this portion is a thrilling experience.

The best time to visit Lohgad is during the rainy season. But this fort makes for a good climb all around the year. It is a destination that is easily accessible yet free from the crowd and commercialized environment one often experiences in popular places like Sinhagad.

  1. It is advisable to carry your own food and sufficient water for the trek.


  • It is advisable to carry your own food and sufficient water for the trek.


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