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 Location: In Sindhudurga District

A historically and culturally significant town in Sindhudurg district, Malvan is famous for its pristine beaches, delicious Malvani cusine and the mighty Sindhudurg fort.

Malvan is a small town in Sindhudurga District of Maharashtra. It is the southernmost district on the Konkan strip. Malvan is a town of historical and cultural importance. Historical importance of this town is by virtue of the Sindhudurg fort, which was the stronghold of the Maratha Empire.

Malvan is also famous for the Malvani Haapus (alphonso) mangoes. It is  a town characterized by the Malvani cuisine and Malvani dialect. Malvani food is quite different from the food style usually found in rest of Konkan. Malvani is a dialect of Marathi and is known to be a very sweet language.

The Malvani Dashavtar is also a well-known part of Malvan’s culture. It is a drama-play basesd on the mythological stories of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Malvan is surrounded by 3 small creeks. It boasts if some of the most beautiful beaches in Maharashtra. Some of them are- Tarkarli, Chiwala, Tondavali, Achra, Arse Mahal.

Malvan is about 390 km from Pune city. It is easily accessible by road from Pune. MSRTC express and semi luxury buses run between Pune and Kasal. Malvan is about 35 km. from Kasal village and can be reached by an auto rickshaw.


  • Malvan has packed hotels and resorts throughout the year. So it’s better to reserve a hotel in advance.
  • Malvan hotels offer everything from basic amenities to in-house restaurants, the hotels have everything for the travellers.

Things to do

  • Sindhudurg Fort is a beautiful fort occupying an islet in the Arabian Sea. The fort, located off the Malvan shore is spread over a vast area. The fort was constructed by the great Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. There is an imprint of his hand and foot inside the fort. The fort is a popular destination for tourists interested in snorkelling and scuba diving.
  • Rajkotand Sarjekot forts are the 2 forts north of Malvan. Rajkot is at the northwest of the town, and stood on a promontory.  It was protected by the sea on 3 sides. Sindhudurg fort was built using stones carved out from the Rajkot fort. Rajkot fort is half a km away by coast way from Malvan jetty. It is situated in west-north direction of Sindhudurga fort.
  • Achra beach Located at 22 kmfrom Malvan. It is amongst the most charming beaches. This beach is a haven for swimmers, anglers and for sunbathing. Dolphins have been spotted in the Achara Dolphin season is between October and February. Migrating birds also can be seen here during seasons.
  • Tarkarli Beach it is a narrow stretch of beach situated at the convergence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. This beach is famous for its transparent clear waters. It is also known as ‘Queen Beach’ of Sindhudurg. Snorkelling and scuba diving are quite popular at Tarkarli Beach.
  • Chivala Beach  is a C shaped beach stretching for a good 2 km. The white sand and clear water makes it a popular destination for those seeking natural beauty. As  the beach is hardly inhabited , it is as good as a private beach.
  • Tondavali Beach is a beautiful beach with white sand. It is located at 19 km north of Malvan. The soft sea breeze blowing continuously, gives it a refreshing touch.
  • Devbag Beach is the confluence of the Karli River which flows into the Arabian Sea. Tourists are attracted towards the stunning white sand and beautiful blue water lagoon of this beach. This beach is an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking. One can see flock of local sea birds in the serene surroundings of the beach. A hill at the back drop offers a panoramic view of Arabian Sea and a light house situated on an island. Snorkelling and scuba diving facilities are available here.
  • Rameshwar temple is located in Achra village. The architecture of the temple exhibits spectacular grandeur. The main structure of the temple was built in 1684 AD. The idol of Ganesha is made of panchdhatu. The hall has eight idols of Ganesh carved in the ceiling.
  • Rock gardens are about 12Kms from Devbaug and half a Km. away from Malvan jetty near the Arase Mahal. This is a beautifully manicured garden located just by the sea which overlooks the beautiful Chivla beach. The gardens are filled with colourful and decorative flowers and trees.
  • Nivati : 15 km from Malvan has a serene beach with soft silver sands. It is almost enclosed by rock structures on both sides making it a private beach. The Nivati fort is located nearby. The fort offers amazing views of the Bhogwe beach on the right and the Nivati beach on the left.
  • Tsunami island it was created overnight because of the Tsunami in 2004. The island in the Karli backwaters is approximately 25,000 sq.ft in size. It has clear waters which are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Tsunami Island is near Devbaug sangam.
  • Snorkeling : Malvan is one of the rare places in Maharashtra where you can indulge in snorkeling to explore the intriguing underwater life and rockscapes. There are a few sites in and around Malvan identified as ideal sites for snorkeling like the Sindhudurg fort, Devbag sangam and Vengurla rocks. The best season for snorkeling in Malvan is between November and May.
  • Dolphin watch rides are also very popular in Malvan.

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