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 Location: Near Pune

Matheran is a popular hill station famous for its pleasant climate, picturesque hills, cascading waterfalls, amazing vantage points and the impressive Matheran Toy Train.

Matheran is one of the most popular hill stations in the state. Located in the Raigad district, Matheran sprawls at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level offering mesmerizing viewing points of the plains below. There are around 30 points to gaze at the beautiful lush plains dotted with villages. Not only is the destination lovely, the journey to reach is as exciting! The mountain train from Neral to Matheran(8 km) is an outstanding opportunity to soak in all the freshness of nature. Another thing that sets apart Matheran from any other place in the country is that is an ‘automobile-free zone’.

After being declared as an eco-sensitive by the government, no private cars are allowed to be used. One can use the vans provided by the Municipality, the horse or on foot.

The cool climate all-round the year makes Matheran the first choice for all peace-seeking travelers. Lined along the way to Lake Charlotte are rustic British and Parsi bunglows. The cliffs of Matheran provide breathtaking views.

This place should be ideally visited for at least 2-3 days to capture its true magnificence. It is 120 km away from Pune and trains are available till Neral and then the toy train upto Matheran.

Best season to visit Matheran is October to May though the weather is pleasant throughout the year.


  • If you are travelling from Pune trains are available till Neral and then the toy train upto Matheran.
  • Hotels for food and accommodation are available.
  • MTDC hotel is a good choice and prior booking for hotels to be made.

Things to do

  • Panorama point
  • Alexander point
  • Echo point
  • Monkey point
  • Louisa point
  • Garbut point
  • Charlotte lake
  • Along with these prominent ones, other places frequently visited by tourists are-Khandala point, Rambaug point, Chowk point, One tree hill, Porcupine point and the Hart point.

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