Meher Retreat

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 Location: Yavat

Located near Yavat, Meher Retreat is celebrating the Hurda Season you are invited to enjoy it in this naturally blessed locale.

Hurda party is where you can eat Hurda (tender Jawar stalks roasted over the fire) served with spicy, delicious chutney of garlic & coconut and it is indeed a mouth watering preposition. So why wait, Meher Retreat is celebrating the Hurda Season and the Hurda is ready! And you are invited to enjoy it in a naturally blessed locale of Meher Retreat! Spread on a green expanse of over 27 acres near Yavat, Meher Retreat is truly exotic, and the huge expanse of Matoba Lake adds to the beauty. The free flowing stream within the premise sets the place apart from any other destination near Pune. Meher Retreat offers a one-of-its-kind experience with all the elements of nostalgic rural life and best of Nature.

Contact Details

Meher Retreat,Near Mhatoba Lake,
Yawat ? Khutbav Road,
Saloba Vasti, Tal ? Daund, Dist
Pune 412214

+91 7720887720




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