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 Location: Near Aurangabad

Located near Aurangabad, Mhaismal is a small but stunning hill station, perfect for a memorable monsoon getaway near Pune.

Embraced into the Sahyadris, this little hill station 40kms from Aurangabad lies at an altitude of 1067m. It the most popular picnic spot in this area and is nearest from Khulabad in Aurangabad district. Originally called as Maheshmal (name of the village), not only is it endowed with a beautiful water body but also has spiritual importance.

National highway 211 breaks into two routes- one going to Ellora and the other to Mhaismal. The small ghat road climbs straight up-to the hill station. En-route lies the Girijamata temple adorned by a beautiful lake. A fair held here on every Chaitra Pournima. A little further is the Balaji temple, an outstanding replica of the Balaji in the South. Various spots on the ghat offer a spectacular view of the lush green forests and the underlying villages.

Mhaismal is also famous for the Grishneshwar temple and Devgiri fort that are situated in the vicinity.  Another must visit place is the Gorakhnath Caves, a holy place where it is believed Gorakhnath performed his penance.

It is the perfect place for 2-3day trip away from the cacophony of the city. Distance from Pune is about 265km and Best season to travel is the monsoons.


  • Many hotels are available for food and stay.
  • Prior booking required during peak season is advised.

Things to do

  • Girijamata Temple
  • Balaji Temple
  • Grishneshwar Temple
  • Devgiri Fort
  • Gorakhnath Caves


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