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 Location: Near Pune

Narayanpur is a small village located in Purandhar valley in Pune district, home to many revered temples.

Narayanpur is the only temple which hosts the ‘Ek Mukhi Dutta’. This being one the main reasons for its popularity, thousands of pilgrims flock the temple during Dutta Jayanti. Located at the south of Pune, the trip to Narayanpur is a pleasant one with the beautiful nature-bound roads. It known to be the village of Changdev Maharaj where Lord Dutta himself placed his ‘paduka’ before he left for Samadhi.

There is also the old temple of Narayaneshwar which has 3 sculptures. Close by, an old ‘Audumbar’ tree is worshipped by all the pilgrims.

Narayanpur can be reached from either from Dive Ghat and Saswad or from Katraj Ghat and Pune-Satara road. The best season is definitely monsoon. Since the temple is located at the bottom on the Purandar Fort, the sight of both the temples at Narayanpur captures aptly the beauty of the Purandar Valley.


  • Carry your own food and water while visiting Narayanpur.
  • Mode of Transport: Car from Pune.

Things to do

  • Visit the beautiful temples of Narayanpur, a small village near Pune.


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