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 Location: Near Mahabaleshwar

Situated near Mahabaleshwar, the historical Pratapgad Fort is the site of the ‘Battle of Pratapagad’. Today, it is a popular tourist destination.

The stories of Shivaji Maharaj and his heroism are part of everyone’s childhood. Pratapgad stands witness to one the most famous stories. It was here that Shivaji Maharaj cunningly killed Afzal Khan and defeated the Bijapur Adilshahi forces.

Situated at a distance of 163 kms, Pratapgad is about two hours and forty minutes away from Pune. The city of Mahableshwar is about 25 kms away from the fort.

The fort stands tall at an elevation of 1,080 meters. A motorable road goes only partially up the fort after which the remaining climb must be completed on foot. The climb is quite steep and strenuous. On an average it takes an hour to climb the fort.

Like all forts around Pune strong traces of Maratha architecture can be seen all over the fort. There are several permanent structures on the fort. A temple of Lord Mahadeo is on the Northwest side of the fort. There are a lot of towers and bastions on the Southeastern side of the fort that are upto 40 feet tall. There is also a temple of goddess Bhavani on the eastern side. The top of the fort offers a spectacular view of Rajgarh and coastal Konkan.

Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzal Khan at the base of this fort. To commemorate this incident there is a “Buruj” in which the head of the slain Khan is said to have been buried. This structure has been named Afzal Buruj.


  • There are no hotels or restraunts on the fort and the nearest are in Mahableshwar.
  • Small local shops selling tea and snacks may be found at the base of the fort.

Things to do

  • Visit the temple of Lord Mahadeo is on the Northwest side of the fort.
  • Visit the temple of goddess Bhavani on the eastern side.


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