Radhanagari Dam

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 Location: In Kolhapur District

Built by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (1874-1922) of Kolhapur, the century-old Radhanagari Dam is a gravity dam situated in Kolhapur District.

Radhanagari Dam is a gravity dam situated in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur District. It is constructed across the Bhogwati River and is about 1037 meters long. The forested area surrounding the dam is spread across approximately 11,000 hectares. Built by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj (1874-1922) of Kolhapur, the century-old Radhanagari Dam is primarily utilized for generating hydroelectricity, irrigation practices and supplying water to Kolhapur District. It is also a popular tourist attraction in Kolhapur.

The best time to visit Radhnagari Dam is towards the end of monsoon. During this time, the dam’s water level is just perfect and its surrounding area is covered in thicket of lush greenery. The dam’s gates open automatically when the water level is high. Watching the water rushing through the gates is a refreshing and magical sight! In addition, birdwatchers can expect to see a plethora of migratory and regional birds around Radhanagari Dam. The area is also home to a diverse variety of beautiful flora spread throughout this magnificent area.

After experiencing an amazing time at Radhnagari Dam, you can add even more excitement to your day by visiting the impressive Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary, which is just 5 km away from the dam. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary and is famous for having a huge population of the Indian Bison. It is closed during monsoon. You can also visit the beautiful Rautwadi Waterfall, which is situated about 7 km away from Radhanagari Dam.


  • Carry your own food and sufficient water while visiting the dam.
  • There are many comfortable hotels and resorts in Kolhapur suitable for all budgets.
  • Mode of Transport: The best way to reach Radhanagari Dam is by car. Or else you can go to Kolhapur by buses or trains.

Things to do

  • Visit the spectacular Radhanagari Dam, which situated within a beautiful forested area.
  • Feel one with nature as you walk through the amazing wooded trails surrounding the dam.
  • Marvel at the magical spectacle of water rushing through the dam’s gates when they open automatically.
  • Visit the nearby Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary and Rautwadi Waterfall.


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