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 Location: Near Pune

Originally known as Murumdev Fort, Rajgad Fort was the capital of the Maratha Empire under Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for almost 26 years.

The location of this majestic fort is extremely peculiar. It is situated at the tip of a spur and has been surrounded by three fortified ridges. Rajgad fort is at a distance of 65 km from Pune was the capital of Maratha Empire for almost 26 years. The name raj gad literally translates to mean “The royal fort”. This fort is built on a hill known as “Murumba Devicha Dongar” and was formerly known as Murumbdev. It takes about one and a half hour to reach raj gad from Pune. The climb to the top is moderately difficult although not very tough and, on an average, requires about two and a half hours.

The fort covers a vast expanse and there are various different places that you can visit on the fort. There are three machees on the fort. Machees are basically fortifications. Out of these three machees Padmawati machee is extremely well maintained. This machee was a residential as well as military base. On this machee there is a fresh water lake known as Padmawati Lake. Also on the machee is the Padmawati temple, the construction of which was undertaken by Shivaji Maharaj.if you are planning to spend a night on the fort this temple can accommodate about 25 people. In front of this temple one can see the tomb of Sai Bai. Rameshwara temple stands opposite this temple. The Rameshwara temple is known for a really old yet beautiful Shivlinga structure. It is possible for the trekkers to live in the two temples.. Another interesting point on the fort is Sanjeewani Machee. This machee stretches for approximately two and a half kms. This machee was constructed in three phases and there are number of cisterns here. On this machee is a secret escape route which leads to the outermost fortification of the fort. The last of three machees is Suwela machee. This is situated in the eastern side of the fort. But there is no provision for food and water on the fort so trekkers must carry ample supply of both. A hole of diameter 3m has formed on the compound of the machee due to natural forces of the wind. This hole is called Waghacha Dola. On this machee there is a temple devoted to lord Hanumana. This temple can accommodate 40-50 people.


  • There is no provision for food and water on the fort so trekkers must carry ample supply of both.

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