Ramshej Fort

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 Location: Near Nashik

The small but historically significant Ramshej Fort is one of many forts situated in Nashik and is relatively easy to access.

Ramshej Fort is a small fort situated about 15 km away from the city of Nashik in Maharashtra. It is one of many forts situated in Nashik, and is relatively easy to access.

Ramshej Fort has a historically significant background. Ramshej literally translates to Lord Ram’s bedstead. The fort is named so because it is believed that Lord Ram stayed in this region for a little while during his exile. For many years, the Mughals, led by Aurangzeb tried to capture Ramshej Fort from the Marathas. But Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj and his army valiantly defended the fort and the Mughals remained unsuccessful in their attempt to take over Ramshej. In 1818, Ramshej Fort was one of the 17 strongholds, which were surrendered to the British.

The Ramshej Fort trek starts at the base village of Aashewadi. The trail starts with a concrete road, followed by stone stairs and a steep rocky patch towards the end. While ascending, enjoy the beautiful views of the lush green region below and blue skies above. It takes almost an hour to reach the top of the fort.

A temple dedicated to Lord Ram is situated in a big cave near the entrance of the fort. Rest here for a little while and soak in the peaceful atmosphere. A cistern located near the temple contains potable water. Broken steps near the cave temple lead to the top of the fort.

The top of Ramshej Fort is a vast plateau with very little fortification. Here, you will come across a few more temples, several water cisterns, remnants of old buildings, rock-cut caves and some ancient ruins. While you are at the top, enjoy the marvelous bird’s-eye views of the picturesque locale surrounding the fort.

Once you are done exploring the fort, cautiously go down the same path to reach the base village. Carry your own snacks and sufficient water for the trek. Once you leave the village, you may stop at one of the restaurants near Aashewadi Phata for lunch.


  • There are several good hotels, resorts and restaurants in the city of Nashik, which is 15 km away from Ramshej Fort.
  • Mode of Transport : Best way to reach Ramshej Fort is by car or by Maharashtra State Transport buses.

Things to do

  • Enjoy a fun trek to reach the top of Ramshej Fort.
  • Along the way, visit the beautiful cave temple dedicated to Lord Ram as well as several other ancient remnants situated atop the fort.
  • Marvel at the spectacular bird’s-eye views of the entire locale surrounding the fort.


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