Sagareshwar Beach

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 Location: Near Vengurla

Sagareshwar Beach one of the best and cleanest beaches in Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg district located about 4 km away from Vengurla.

Sagareshwar Beach is a serene beach about 4 km away from the coastal town of Vengurla in Sindhudurg district. It is one of the best and cleanest beaches in this region.

Surrounded by hills and tall suru trees, the Sagareshwar Beach is picture-perfect. The scenic bird’s-eye view of this beach from atop the hills is truly spectacular. Untouched and away from civilization, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy some peace and quiet in the company of family and friends.

Spend a relaxing day with your loved ones amidst the striking natural beauty of Sagareshwar Beach. Take a long leisurely stroll along the stunning shoreline or bask in the warm sunshine while laying back on the soft white sand. The crystal-clear blue water looks simply beautiful and you may dip your feet in it to cool off. There are no commercial activities on this beach, and the only sounds you hear are those of the calming waves, the lively sea breeze and the sweet chirping of birds.

Stay in a lovely beachside homestay to make most of your time at Sagareshwar Beach. The beach is almost like a private beach as very few tourists visit it. At any time of the day, you will only find a handful of locals on the beach, mostly fishermen going about their daily routine. There are a few food stalls at the entrance of the beach, where you can grab a bite and drink refreshing coconut water.

Wake up early in the morning to watch dolphins jumping across the sea. And as evening draws closer, watch a dreamy sunset paint in the surroundings in shades of orange and pink. At night, take a nocturnal walk or simply sit on the beach to enjoy a mesmerizing scene of countless stars lightening up the sky.

Do not forget to stopover at the beautiful Sagareshwar Temple located at the entrance of the beach. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Sit here for a while to meditate or just soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

Indulge the foodie in you by eating delectable Konkani and Malvani cuisine served at most homestays, resorts and hotels near Sagareshwar Beach and in its vicinity. The authentic regional seafood delicacies served here are absolutely delightful.


  • There are quite a few comfortable homestays and resorts near Sagareshwar Beach and in the neighbouring town of Vengurla.
  • Modes of Transport : You can travel to Sagareshwar Beach from Pune in a privately-owned or hired car.

Things to do

  • Spend a memorable time with loved ones amidst the serene settings of Sagareshwar Beach.
  • Enjoy the privacy this beach offers. Take a leisurely stroll on the soft white sand, dip your feet in the crystal-clear water or lay back and bask in the warm sunshine.
  • Early in the morning to watch dolphins jump across the sea, watch a dreamy sunset in the evening and at night, take a nocturnal walk under the starry skies.
  • Visit the Sagareshwar Temple situated at the entrance of the beach.
  • Indulge in delectable Konkani and Malvani cuisine served at homestays, resorts and restaurants near the beach.


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