Thrilling Dhak-Bahiri Trek

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 Location: Near Karjat

 Difficulty Level: Hard

The Dhak Fort and the Bahiri Caves, together known as ‘Dhak-Bahiri’ are situated in the region of Karjat in Maharashtra’s Raigad District.

The Dhak Fort and the Bahiri Caves, together known as ‘Dhak-Bahiri’ are situated in the region of Karjat in Maharashtra’s Raigad District. Both the fort and the caves are located on the same mountain near Karjat city. The Dhak Fort stands at a height of 2,700 feet and offers quite a challenging yet exciting trek.

Dhak Fort can be accessed via two routes –one route passes through the Sandshi village and another route passes through the Jambhavali village. Both Sandshi and Jambhavali village can be reached from Karjat by either ST buses or shared autos.

It takes about 3 hours to reach the top of the hill from either of the two trek routes. The climb is a through a dense forest and gets a bit difficult due to steep rocky patches. The trek involves rock-climbing in some portions and requires rock-climbing gear and technical expertise to use the equipments.

The Bahiri Caves are situated towards the end of the route, which leads to the top of the Dhak Fort. These caves are a place of pilgrimagade, dedicated to Lord Bhairavnath. Many people consider the caves to the be the end-point of the trek and do not proceed further to the top of Dhak Fort. This is an ideal spot for people wanting to experiment with natural rock-climbing.


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