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 Location: In Osmanabad District

The sacred town of Tujapur is home to the revered Tulja Bhavani Temple, dedicated to Goddess Bhavani. The temple in one of 51 Shakti Peethas.

The sacred town of Tuljapur lies in the Osmanabad district. Home to the mighty Hindu Goddess Bhavani, this immense ancient temple is perched on the deep slope of the hill Yamunachal. Bhavani, representing both ferocity and compassion, is the ‘Kuldaivat’ (family deity) of not only the Bhosales (progeny of Shivaji) but also of several families in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Built by ardent devotee Shivaji Maharaj in 1661, it is believed that he took her blessing before every battle and was presented with the Bhavani Sword by the Goddess herself. This breath-taking temple complex adorned with a sculptured Mahadwaar leads to the main temple after a flight of 30 steps. Shrines dedicated to Vithal-Rukmini and Dattatraya can be seen to the right and left respectively. The imposing yet serene idol of the Bhavani Maata seated on a lion holds different ‘astras’ in her 8 arms and a leg on the Mahishasur.

Being of the ‘Shakti Peeths’, it is a highly revered and popular worship place which is flocked by thousands of devotees during Navratra or Dasara.  The pooja begins at 5 am and Abhishek at 7am every day. Usually it is highly crowded on weekends and on special occasions and may take upto 3 hours in the queue.

Tuljapur is a hassle-free destination where direct buses are available from Solapur (43KM away) or Osmananbad(30km). It lies on the Solapur-Dhulia road on NH 211. Beware from dupes who claim to give you a direct ‘Darshan’. Strict and unbiased rules for ‘Darshan’ are followed here.


  • Small hotels are available in case of a night stay or MTDC hotel which requires prior booking during tourist season.

Things to do

  • Visit Fort Naldurg
  • Explore the Dharashi Caves.


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